Trilogy’s Green Building Techniques: Active Daylighting

active daylighting

If you’ve decided to build a new home, then one of the things you should consider is the environment around you. To reduce your environmental footprint, think about incorporating some green building ideas, such as active daylighting, into your home design. Active daylighting occurs when a mechanical device collects sunlight in order to increase the … [Read more...]

Inspiration From Trilogy for a Natural Interior

natural wood decor ideas

Are you looking for some ideas for your interior design? If you are, consider a natural interior. Using natural elements in your home’s design is a great way to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere and can be done no matter what type of interior design you have. The following are some tips for designing a natural interior: Contemporary Dining Room … [Read more...]

Ideas for Choosing Your Green Building Materials

Benefits of green building

If you’re trying to find ways in which you can reduce your environmental footprint when building a new home, then you should consider green building construction practices. Using green building materials for your home construction is the best place to start. Building construction tends to use up a large quantity of natural resources. Around 60 … [Read more...]