Trilogy Shares Ways to Selecting Zero Energy Home Plans

Trilogy Shares Ways to Selecting Zero Energy Home Plans

Choosing to build a net zero energy home can have a huge effect on not just reducing your environmental footprint, but on the cost of your home over its entire lifespan. You may have to invest more money into building a net zero energy home, but that the savings you’ll experience over the home’s life will be well worth it. Once you factor in … [Read more...]

Trilogy on Design: Add Warmth and Texture with Stone


A lot of things need to be considered when planning out your home design. For example, what building materials do you want to use? If you’re looking to add both warmth and texture to your home design, then we highly recommend the use of stone. Stone can be used in so many different ways throughout your home design, whether you simply want to use it … [Read more...]

Trilogy on Design: The Details are in the Hardware


Many homeowners forget about the smaller details when planning their home design. This is simply because they are too focused on the bigger features. However, the smaller details are what help to add a finished touch to the design. The following are a few examples of decorative hardware that you should use for inspiration when taking into account the details … [Read more...]