Trilogy Asks “How Do You Want Your Home To Feel?”

While this is never an easy question to answer, people tend to strive to create "relaxing," "peaceful," and "welcoming" homes.  Source: Houzz

When people begin planning their home design, they often focus on the features and things that they want and need. However, an important factor in planning a home that is often overlooked is how you want your home to feel. This can be a little tough to answer, so let's go over some examples: Relaxing - If you want your home to feel relaxing, then don't … [Read more...]

Top Questions Your Interior Designer Should Ask

Your interior designer should ask questions like "what do you love/hate about this room" and "what are some of your inspirations for this design."

Odds are you've got a pretty good idea of some of the questions that you should ask an interior designer both before you work with him or her as well as during the project. But what about questions interior designers should ask you? The questions they ask you are an important way to judge whether you'll work well together. The following are questions they … [Read more...]

Things LEED Interior Designers Want You to Know

A LEED certified home means that your home's design is recognized as being eco-friendly and has met LEED's high green standards. Source: Houzz

Getting your home LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified means that your home's design is recognized as being eco-friendly and has met LEED's high green standards. The following are a few things that a LEED interior designer will want you to know: Style is not sacrificed - Just because a LEED interior designer focuses on creating … [Read more...]