Trilogy on Design: Mixing Metal and Wood

metal and wood

If you’re looking for building materials that will provide your home with a unique aesthetic as well as a bit of personality, then we recommend combining the use of metal and wood together for beautiful results. The following are just a few examples of how you can mix metal with wood: Warm and inviting – Compliment your bronze light fixtures with … [Read more...]

Trilogy on Technology: Is Self-Repairing Concrete in Green Building’s Future

self-repairing concrete

Green building is something that more and more homeowners and home builders are looking to employ, and for good reason. Not only are more people aware of the need for sustainable living than ever before, but implementing green building practices will end up saving you money! Green building techniques are improving every day as well – just check out the … [Read more...]

Surprising Materials Trilogy Can Use to Build Green Homes

unique green building materials

If you’re planning a green home design, then odds are you have some idea about a few of the green home building materials that you can use. However, there are a few surprising materials out there that we can incorporate  for a green home design. Here are a few of those materials: Industrial Living Room by Mirabel General Contractors Les Collections … [Read more...]