Trilogy Explains: What are Geothermal Heat Exchanges

geothermal heating systems

As prices of heating oil, propane, and electricity continue to rise, even more commercial business and residential owners, municipalities and schools are changing to geothermal ground source heating and cooling to create a more sustainable design in their buildings. Geothermal heat exchange systems use only a third of the energy required for propane or … [Read more...]

Going Green With Geothermal Heating


By Mark Mizrahi | Are you are planning to put up a new “green” building, or retrofit an existing building with new green technology?   Make your life easier and your project greener by considering the most efficient heating and cooling technology available today: geothermal heat pumps (GHP). For the average commercial building in the US, 50 … [Read more...]

Indonesia’s Hot New Energy Resource


Volcanoes have been nothing but a hassle for the last several weeks.  The Eyjafjallajokull volcano caused mayor problems for Europe with the canceling of more than 100,000 flights costing the airlines over $2 billions.  This past weekend Iceland's main international airport was closed for three days due to the erupting volcano. Indonesia is looking to … [Read more...]