Trilogy Partners – Custom Home Builders of Colorado Mountain Homes

Custom Home Builders of Colorado Mountain Homes

What images come to mind when you think of Colorado mountain homes? Are you visualizing pictures of attractive timber frame homes, stonework, natural and local materials, lots of windows, passive solar technology and homes blended naturally in to the surroundings? Add expert financial management, sustainability and energy efficient home building to that … [Read more...]

Americans are Downsizing

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Smaller homes are big these days, according to Build Direct. Studies show that Americans no longer want or need large floor plans and more square footage than necessary. These days, homeowners and buyers are downsizing for four main reasons: Economic/financial reasons People want to live simpler lives, partly because of the struggling economy Parents … [Read more...]

It’s New Homes Month!

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Did you know April is considered New Homes Month? If you’ve been thinking about planning and building a new home, now is definitely a great time find information on constructing your dream home! Current homeowners looking to build a new home and prospective homeowners alike can find lots of beneficial information on the National Association of Home … [Read more...]