Record Houses 2010


According to Jane F. Kolleeny with Architectural Record, this years Record Houses had to meet the following criteria to be considered: simplicity, modesty, and sustainability.   The below seven beat out more than the 250 houses that were submitted.  Read the below excerpt from Architectural Record’s Record Houses 2010: Mount Fuji Architects’ Tree … [Read more...]

Calecho Revisited


We briefly touched on our Calecho home in our post “A Vacation Rental, or Your Next Home”, but we thought this beautiful home deserved a second look.  Built on the second fairway of the Breckenridge Golf Course, this home reflects the golden era of Colorado mining in a bold and glorious fashion. A vaulted, open living area features an antiqued timber … [Read more...]

Estimated Reconstruction Cost for Haiti: $11.5 Billion


With more than 220,000 killed in the January 12th earthquake and an estimated 2 million living in temporary shelters, Haiti's future is being discussed at both the United Nations and in Congress. The United Nations has estimated the total building cost around $11.5 billion and Haiti was hoping to raise around $3.9 billion to cover the initial phase at … [Read more...]