Trilogy Modeling Revolutionizing Residential Design


At Trilogy, we've been designing and building homes for 15 years. If experience has taught us anything, we've learned that the tighter the integration between design, budgeting, and construction, the better the results for our client, our subcontractors, and for us. This year we took a giant leap forward to achieve a more perfect Design and Build process. … [Read more...]

Trilogy Shares Tips to Working with an Interior Designer

Before working with an interior designer, make sure your styles match, collect samples of similar projects that you'd like to emulate, and look into involving them in the planning stages with your architect and contractor.

Homeowners often underestimate the importance of an interior designer. More often than not, they think of interior designers as people who only deal with the aesthetics of your interior. However, this is just scratching the surface of what they do. Interior designers focus on creating balance and ensuring that a space feels harmonious. The following are a … [Read more...]

Trilogy Reveals 5 Qualities of a Great Interior Design

Great interior design must have stark symmetry, contrast, and harmony to name a few necessary elements.

The interior design of your home is more important than you might think. The interior design encomposses  more than just what colors you use and the choice of decor. The following are 5 qualities of a great interior design: Symmetry - A symmetrical design will help to establish whatever your room’s focal point is, whether it’s a large lighting … [Read more...]

Trilogy Shares Reasons You Should Consider a Designers Help For Your Next Project

A professional designer can help you figure out your vision, will collaborate with you, and will help you keep your budget stable when working on your next home project.

There’s an unfortunate misconception amongst homeowners that a professional designer isn’t necessary, that it’s a luxury most can’t afford. This is simply not true - in fact, a professional designer can help you to avoid making serious mistakes, thereby ending up saving you money! The following are a few reasons we think that you should hire a … [Read more...]