Trilogy Modeling Revolutionizing Residential Design


At Trilogy, we've been designing and building homes for 15 years. If experience has taught us anything, we've learned that the tighter the integration between design, budgeting, and construction, the better the results for our client, our subcontractors, and for us. This year we took a giant leap forward to achieve a more perfect Design and Build process. … [Read more...]

How 3D Modeling Technology Can Help Trilogy Build Your Home

3D Design Plans

Technology has come a long way, as evidenced by new 3D modeling technology that only top-of-the-line home design firms such as Trilogy Builds use. The following are a few ways in which 3D modeling technology can benefit you: Avoid mistakes – 3D modeling allows us to test the stress factors and tolerances of the building’s design before we begin … [Read more...]

How Trilogy Can Build a Green Addition for Your Home

Green home addition

Could your home use a little bit of extra space? If so, why not build an addition to your home? If this seems like the right solution, then make sure that it’s a green home addition by working with us at Trilogy Builds. The following are a few ways in which we will create a green home addition: Green demolition – In order to build an addition … [Read more...]

Trilogy Presents: Reasons to Build Green

Benefits of green building

If you are planning on building a home or remodeling extensively, then you should strongly consider green building in order to reduce the negative impact that you have on the environment. The following are a few more reasons why you should build green: Typical building projects throughout the country account for 39 percent of all energy use, 12 … [Read more...]