Trilogy Modeling Revolutionizing Residential Design


At Trilogy, we've been designing and building homes for 15 years. If experience has taught us anything, we've learned that the tighter the integration between design, budgeting, and construction, the better the results for our client, our subcontractors, and for us. This year we took a giant leap forward to achieve a more perfect Design and Build process. … [Read more...]

Trilogy Recommends 3 Energy-Efficient Building Materials for Your Home

building with recycled steel

If you’re concerned about the impact you’ll have on the environment when building your home, then you should strongly consider using energy-efficient building materials. The following are three energy-efficient building materials that we highly recommend for every home project: Modern Exterior by Seattle Architects & Building Designers FINNE … [Read more...]

Trilogy Shows: How Do Passive Homes Work?

building a passive home

When designing a new home you should strive to create a passive house. A passive house is basically a home that is incredibly energy efficient, thereby helping you to reduce your environmental footprint as well as save up to 90 percent of your space heating costs. Contemporary Exterior by Palo Alto Home Builders Clarum Homes via Houzz Passive homes are … [Read more...]

Surprising Materials Trilogy Can Use to Build Green Homes

unique green building materials

If you’re planning a green home design, then odds are you have some idea about a few of the green home building materials that you can use. However, there are a few surprising materials out there that we can incorporate  for a green home design. Here are a few of those materials: Industrial Living Room by Mirabel General Contractors Les Collections … [Read more...]